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Maybe you have just arrived in Ghana or maybe you have been here for many years, please feel welcome. Not only in our beautiful, inspiring, complex, and tropical Ghana, but also to this community platform.

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As an expat you have to explore, explore and explore some more! Ghana is a beautiful country with 16 different regions. Each region has their own sights to see and places to visit.

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Our community is run for and by expats and their well-informed Ghanaian connections.
We intend to facilitate and connect all Ghana’s expats through our vibrant and refreshing platform.

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Take the opportunity to embrace a whole new culture and society. The differences might be big, but so will be the experience.

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You’re visiting the official website of Expats in Ghana. Here we meet, interact, discuss, develop and share anything related to your experience. Without further ado, feel free to discover our countless community stories.

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